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Thu Dec 9 15:22:20 EST 2004

Allison wrote:
>I just finished reading False Colours and would definitely recommend it.
>I've never read Lady of Quality or The Reluctant Widow or several others
>which I've seen on the bibliography lists but can't call to mind at the
>moment.  I'm hoping they'll show up reprinted.  Chapters seems to carry
>some of the Arrow reprints and I ordered Black Sheep and Devil's Cub
>last year with a Christmas gift certificate.

Hey there.  Heyer fans may all be aware of this, but just in case you 
haven't been looking because you thought it would not happen, Heyer 
paperbacks are being reprinted. In the states I think they (I think 
"they"=Harlequin) do one a month, for 4 months or so. In the UK and 
Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, a Random House imprint is 
reprinting a total of 18 titles, with gorgeous cover art:

I know I picked up The Reluctant Widow in the Harlequin US reprint edition.  
I just had a chance to read most of the mysteries this year as the local 
library has them. I enjoyed them more or less. What I mainly like is that 
the mysteries seem like a dark alternate universe to the romances, which 
interested me.  In the romances, I love when the characters cross wills 
including, but by no means limited to, the hero and heroine of the piece.  
The same will-crossing interested me in the mysteries.  I'm not burning to 
own them, though.


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