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Thu Dec 9 14:51:07 EST 2004

On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 11:04:15AM -0700, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
> On Thu, 9 Dec 2004 17:10:27 +0000, Roger Burton West wrote:
> >There's Heyer you haven't read yet? Lucky thing!
> I live in America.  Until recently it was almost a miracle for an American
> of my generation to have read *any* Heyer.  I only heard about her through
> this list, in fact.  We've managed to acquire slightly more than half her
> romances (I don't count the nasty mysteries either, nor _Cousin Kate_)
> either through the new Harlequin releases or fortunate finds at used book
> stores.  And I've read _Venetia_ but don't own it--bummer, that, because
> it's one of my favorites.  Ditto _Lady of Quality_ and _The Talisman Ring_.
> I would really like to get _False Colours_ and _The Reluctant Widow_.

I've found many of the romances over the years through used book shops
and the occasional reprint.  (I am also not keen on the mysteries or the
"other" ones like Cousin Kate, My Lord John, Royal Escape, and Simon the
Coldheart.) The first one I ever read was The Corinthian, which I
happened to pick up in a thrift shop in England, actually.  However, I
discovered that the library where my parents live had nearly all her
books in storage and requested as many as I could while I was at home
after university.  

I just finished reading False Colours and would definitely recommend it.
I've never read Lady of Quality or The Reluctant Widow or several others
which I've seen on the bibliography lists but can't call to mind at the
moment.  I'm hoping they'll show up reprinted.  Chapters seems to carry
some of the Arrow reprints and I ordered Black Sheep and Devil's Cub
last year with a Christmas gift certificate.  

> Melissa Proffitt
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