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Thu Dec 9 13:52:37 EST 2004

On Thursday 09 December 2004 14:41, Ian Riddell wrote:
> On Dec 9, 2004, at 2:19 AM, Laurel Lamme wrote:
> > What I want for Christmas: A full turnout in the church choir.
> Amen to that!

Quite. With us that means two basses, two tenors, three altos and four 
sopranos (enough for a small Orthodox church); but while all of the 
sopranos and tenors can sing in tune reliably, only one of the altos 
can (me; not bragging, simple fact, they use me as Keeper of the Pitch 
aka Immovable Object) and neither of the basses can, except that one of 
them can be taught if you start early enough (say, in September for 

And the children's choir, when in full force, consists of two girls who 
can sing in tune, one girl who could if she wasn't overconfident (but 
has to sing descant on her own because she's not easily distracted and 
at almost eleven has the strongest voice), two girls and a boy who plod 
along happily, one girl who really shouldn't sing but likes it so much 
that it would be cruel to stop her, and a boy who, though he's only 
eight and a half, sounds as if he's already changing. And they're not 
often in full force; usually I only have one of the two who can sing in 
tune, the overconfident one, one or two of the plodders-along, the girl 
who shouldn't, and the eight-and-a-half-year-old. (My own daughters are 
in the first, second and third categories; fortunately I didn't bear 
any children who can't sing at all)


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