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> I can't remember the others, and yet somehow people kept coming up with new
> possibilities after I thought I'd heard them all.  What made it funny
> instead of tedious was that each person had only ever heard that one source
> for the name, or at most two of them.  Like there's a bunch of Cordelias
> running around in fiction and none of them have ever met.  Sounds like a
> Jurisfiction conspiracy to me.

I'm afraid there is also a fairly horrible Cordelia in the otherwise highly 
recommended _The Fountain Overflows_, by Rebecca West (but I don't particularly 
recommend the two posthumously published sequels, which don't seem to me to 
fit very well -- I read them anyway because after all they are More, if you 
know what I mean, but I am always a little annoyed at them).

My twin daughters are Sophia and Emily, and I was rather cross to discover a 
pair of non-entities in _Northanger Abbey_ being called the same thing: 
"Catherine, having occasion for some indispensable yard of ribbon which must be 
bought without a moment's delay, walked out into the town, and in Bond Street 
overtook the second Miss Thorpe as she was loitering towards Edgar's Buildings 
between two of the sweetest girls in the world, who had been her dear friends all 
the morning.    ... Catherine was still unconvinced; but glad that Anne 
should have the friendship of an Emily and a Sophia to console her, she bade her 
adieu without much uneasiness ..."

Helen Schinske

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