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Thu Dec 9 13:08:09 EST 2004

On Thu, 09 Dec 2004 19:44:43 +0200, Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:

> Melissa Proffitt wrote:  What I would really love is the big Playmobil
>King's Castle, but
>where would I put it?
>ooh, oooh, not that I celebrate Christmas, but have you seen the Playmobile
>Noah's ark? Wow!

YES!!! I was SO drooling on the keyboard.  It's long been a dream of mine to
have one of those elaborate Victorian Noah's Arks that E. Nesbit writes
about, and that looks like a nice compromise.  My youngest daughter is
getting the Fairy Tale Castle sans furniture, and believe me it is hard to
hand it over to her.  But **I** get to put it together!

>ObDwj I think my son would really enjoy a bellstick or glockenspeil or
>whatever it was Christopher got from his dreams.

I always envied Christopher his dreams, before Uncle Ralph messed everything
up.  He seemed to visit the best places and get the nicest souvenirs.  I
wish I had a temple cat.  <pout>

Melissa Proffitt
(burning CDs for Christmas gifts, and stuck at the computer)

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