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On Thu, 9 Dec 2004 17:10:27 +0000, Roger Burton West wrote:

>On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 09:56:45AM -0700, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
>>Offspring (human variety):  Teleri, 10; Aerin, 8; Rhys, 6; Cordelia, 4.
>>Bonus points to anyone who knows the books these names were drawn from.
>Teleri ni Pendaren from Theresa Edgerton's _Child of Saturn_, _The Moon
>in Hiding_, _The Work of the Sun_.

I knew you'd get this one.  Actually, she's not named after the character;
we chose the name and *then* discovered the series.  Given that Teleri ni
Pendaren is kind of a shrinking violet, I don't think I'd have chosen her
for a namesake.  But then our Teleri turned out to be a dead ringer for the
other one, personality and all....

(We pronounce it TEL-e-ree, not the more correct tel-AIR-ee, because we
thought nobody would get it right otherwise.  Of course everyone tries to
say it the second way.)

>Lady Aerin from Robin McKinley's _The Hero and the Crown_.

And I think I said before that we met someone who had generated this
spelling independently for her child's middle name.

>I'm not going to try for Rhys; there are too many of them.

No kidding.  :)  His is actually from Katherine Kurtz.  My college roommate
Dawn and I both loved Rhys Thuryn.  She's planning to use it too, if the
opportunity arises.

>Cordelia I would guess from Christopher Stasheff's _Gramarye_ series,
>as the two I can spot are from fantasies rather than SF, but LMB is also
>a possibility...

Crap, that's yet another possible source I hadn't thought of....

She's named after Cordelia Vorkosigan, which I thought was a slam-dunk.
Then there was:

*Cordelia from Buffy, who at the time was an unredeemed harpy, and we had
never seen the show
*Cordelia from _King Lear_
*Cordelia that Anne of Green Gables wanted to be named instead of Anne
*Cordelia Drexel-Biddle from the movie "The Happiest Millionaire" (and I
went on letting my parents believe this one)
*Connie Willis's daughter Cordelia

I can't remember the others, and yet somehow people kept coming up with new
possibilities after I thought I'd heard them all.  What made it funny
instead of tedious was that each person had only ever heard that one source
for the name, or at most two of them.  Like there's a bunch of Cordelias
running around in fiction and none of them have ever met.  Sounds like a
Jurisfiction conspiracy to me.

>>any Georgette Heyer I haven't read yet.
>There's Heyer you haven't read yet? Lucky thing!

I live in America.  Until recently it was almost a miracle for an American
of my generation to have read *any* Heyer.  I only heard about her through
this list, in fact.  We've managed to acquire slightly more than half her
romances (I don't count the nasty mysteries either, nor _Cousin Kate_)
either through the new Harlequin releases or fortunate finds at used book
stores.  And I've read _Venetia_ but don't own it--bummer, that, because
it's one of my favorites.  Ditto _Lady of Quality_ and _The Talisman Ring_.
I would really like to get _False Colours_ and _The Reluctant Widow_.

Melissa Proffitt

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