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Has it really been so long?

Name:  Melissa Proffitt
Living in:  that den of iniquity known as Salt Lake City, Utah.
Age: 32
What I do when not playing here:  Stay-at-home mother, homeschooling the
eldest of four children.  I'm the president of a local literary organization
until March.  Right now I'm about to start on our yearly awards program (not
to be confused with my own Best Of list, which is finished).  I also
volunteer in the library at my daughter's school and teach Sunday School to
some very cute eight-year-olds.  On Saturdays I act out my aggressions in
various role-playing games, preferably by shooting evil in the head with my
l33t archery skills.
Married/partnered/?:  Married to Jacob for 13 years at the end of the month.
Offspring (human variety):  Teleri, 10; Aerin, 8; Rhys, 6; Cordelia, 4.
Bonus points to anyone who knows the books these names were drawn from.
Offspring (non-human): We have three cats.  Velvet is my baby--she believes
I am her mother and used to suckle at my earlobe while I was lying down
reading a book.  She is a dignified and rare female orange tabby.  Art is
actually Aerin's cat.  He is dumb as a brick and has the sweetest temper
imaginable.  He cost us about $1000 dollars when he swallowed a straight pin
and had to have it removed, but after our cat Cymbi died due to our lack of
money to pay for her treatment, there was no way we were going to watch him
die in agony.  Our newest cat is Hikaru (named not for Sulu but for Angelic
Layer).  We got her to be a pet for Art, who is very playful and, as I said,
dumb as a brick, and kept pestering Velvet.  It worked out wonderfully, and
Art and Hikaru are the best of friends.  Right now we're trying to capture a
litter of wild kittens who've been roaming through our yard.  I have no idea
what we'll do with them if we catch them.
First DWJ/when:  Technically, it was _Power of Three_ when I was about ten.
I read it, thought it was great, and then never looked up any other DWJ
books.  The one I count as my first is _Fire and Hemlock_ when I was
Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!):  Hah.  I don't have a
favorite, I have two lists of "like the most" and "like almost as much" and
they're all there.  If pressed, I'd say _Archer's Goon_, _Fire and Hemlock_,
_Hexwood_, or _The Lives of Christopher Chant_.
Least favourite DWJ: _A Sudden Wild Magic_.
Other favourite authors/books:  Um.  Right.  Terry Pratchett, Martha Wells,
Connie Willis, Kage Baker, Lian Hearn, Jim Butcher, Jack McDevitt, Tanith
Lee, Megan Whalen Turner, Wendelin Van Draanen...I give up.  There's just
lots, okay?
Music:  I like bluegrass.  Not the same thing as country-western at all.  I
love Bela Fleck, New Grass Revival, Union Street, Del McCoury, Ryan Shupe
and the Rubberband, and basically anything with a lot of banjo to it.  I
also like jazzy a cappella and all the '80s pop I grew up with.
Currently reading:  Working through Kage Baker's Company books in
preparation for the new one, which I hope to get for Christmas.  

TV:  I love all the Law and Order shows.  Loved Monk, when I could get
it--we don't have cable.  Red Dwarf, Black Adder, Waiting for God.  Die-hard
Firefly groupie.  Joan of Arcadia, which someone else mentioned--we keep
forgetting to tape this and Friday nights are really terrible, as we learned
from the Firefly debacle.  Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is our family
activity on Sunday nights, and Jacob and I are both addicted to The Amazing
Race and The Apprentice.  Funny, because I'm not a fan of reality shows per
se and hate most of them, but most of the ones I really like are the ones
about some aspect of life I'll never get to see.

Movies:  We saw "The Incredibles" when it came out and it was FABULOUS.  I
love old movies and am slowly collecting my favorites on DVD.  At the top of
my list now are "How to Marry a Millionaire" and "Bringing Up Baby."  We
watch a lot of romantic comedies and action films...just bought "Spider-man
2" and "Galaxy Quest."

Hope to get for Christmas:  Answering this question actually increases my
chances of getting these things, since my husband is subscribed to the list.
(Though I don't know if he's read any email in the last week, so maybe he'll
never see it.)  I'd really like Jack McDevitt's _Polaris_, Kage Baker's _The
Life of the World to Come_, and any Georgette Heyer I haven't read yet.  I'd
love the soundtrack to "Into the Woods"--we saw this with the two oldest
kids, and I had totally forgotten that I used to have this on cassette.  No
wonder I knew all the words to "Agony."  Still haven't read _Wolf Wing_ and
I'm sort of interested in Lee's new book about the pirate girl, or
something...I was in a hurry at the bookstore so I don't remember the
details.  What I would really love is the big Playmobil King's Castle, but
where would I put it?

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