Melissa (was Re: The Baroque Cycle)

minnow at minnow at
Thu Dec 9 11:37:09 EST 2004

Melissa writted:

>On Mon, 6 Dec 2004 22:35:58 +0000, minnow at wrote:
>>Ven explained:
>>>Melissa is always right.
>>Or as she put it "I am a jeenyus and allways right."
>I figure if we ever have a Big Giant North America Meet, I'll get a t-shirt
>with some variation of this.

Seems to me that it says it all just the way it is, doesn't it?

>>Minnow (who was given an onyx pirhana yesterday. Can't think why.)
>I don't know...were you particularly hungry?  :)

Not more than usual: fish are *always* hungry, it's part of the job description.

In any case, after a slight false start and an attempted digestive moment
it and I have now signed a treaty of offence and defence, with the motto
"Minnow and Pirhana forever, and death to Captain Flint!"

I allowed it to put in the last bit because it seemed to feel strongly
about it.  It's probably some sort of shocking mineralism, but hey, that
thing has a *lot* more teeth than I have.


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