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Thu Dec 9 11:07:03 EST 2004

Ika wrote in reply to Paul:

>>> (2) Teabags (and here I get back on topic!). Paul wrote:
>>> > They're both [spontaneous sequels and commissioned sequels] cases
>>> > of reusing teabags, perhaps, but one is reusing a teabag because
>>> > they believe it still has a good cuppa left in it, while the other
>>> > is reusing the teabag because they want a cup made with that
>>> > particular teabag and don't care about the quality of the result.
>>> > Or something.
>>> The trouble with the 'teabag' metaphor, I think, is that it suggests
>>> that fanfiction is always going to be the same as the original, but
>>> weaker.
>> I was going to add that good spontaneous sequels don't *just* use the
>> original teabag, but add new ingredients and create something new and
>> different (while commissioned sequels, I suppose, want exactly the
>> same taste and don't care if it's weaker); but I couldn't quite get it
>> to work within the metaphor.
>And many good spontaneous sequels do something to the original, too -
>bring something out that you hadn't seen in it before - which the teabag
>metaphor doesn't allow for...

I don't think you can have met the sort of teabag I have.  Oh innocent
ones, have you never visited a student household?  Them teabags is gonna
take over the world one day, especially the ones that sometimes come out
from under the cooker  searching for that which they may devour.


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