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Thu Dec 9 03:51:47 EST 2004

I too would be interested in figuring out how to search the archives as I'd 
love to see how my responses to these surveys have been changing. I only 
have last year's replies on my computer due to previous computer crashes.

>Name: Emma Comerford
>Gender Female
>Living in: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
>Age: 24
>What I do when not playing here: I'm working as an environmental economist 
>and doing my PhD in the same field - I'm enjoying both pursuits immensely. 
>Otherwise, I love reading, bushwalking, hanging out with friends...
>Married/partnered/?: Yes, and I can remember that my partner had not read 
>any DWJ books when I joined this list but in the intervening years has 
>read and loved nearly all of them!
>Offspring (human variety): No
>Offspring (non-human): Unfortunately my beautiful brown cat Oliver died
>First DWJ/when: (snitched from last year) Either LoCC or Tale of Time City 
>at 12-ish (I can't tell as I strangely didn't realise these were by the 
>same author for a couple of years)
>Favourite DWJ: Fire and Hemlock, LoCC, Deep Secret, Howl, Homeward Bounders
>Least favourite DWJ: Wilkins' tooth
>Other favourite authors/books: Steven Brust, Jasper Fforde, Lois McMaster 
>Bujold, Dorothy L Sayers, Kerry Greenwood and too many others to remember
>Favourite TV: Don't watch much, usually natural history programs. Although 
>I am enjoying Buffy and Red Dwarf for the first time (DVDs from library)
>Favourite film: Hmm, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Emma, Princess Mononoke, 
>Pirates of the Caribbean...I can't remember the others!
>Currently reading: Murder Must Advertise by Sayers (I'd never read this 
>one!) and, like Ven, Guns Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond, although 
>slowly as it's a large hardback so does not travel on the train with me, 
>yet is not relaxing night reading. And far too many boring theoretical 
>papers I know I need for my PhD (plus lots of interesting ones of course)

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