Dratted vampires (was Re: Roger's Intro)

Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
Wed Dec 8 20:16:38 EST 2004

> > I don't know, maybe we could go with this. I wouldn't
> > call Nick or Grundo psychic vampires - they don't draw
> > life from people, just influence them somewhat.
> > Gwendoline though, perhaps. She does drain Cat's
> > lives.
> I think she undoubtedly counts as a vampire. As well as one of the nastiest
> children in fiction.

I dunno. Like Cat and Chrestomanci, I sort of admired her creativity. 
The Nastiest Children in fiction are in Brock Cole's _The Goats_. The 
Nastiest children in DWJ are in Witch Week. 

I think it's because I can see how Gwendolen got to be Gwendolen (and I 
don't particularly admire her parents, but then the Chants do seem to 
have trouble with parenthood), and one can see how her faults could be 
turned to good if she'd been properly spanked on a regular basis... but 
the children in Witch Week are just the sort of drearily nasty that 
children get to be, only more so, as they have so few admirable 
qualities. Not even creativity, ambition or persistence.

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