Blank Intro "form" part 2

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Wed Dec 8 17:41:21 EST 2004

> Movies 
Ohh, where to start, well looking the the IMDB top 250
movie list; Lord of the Rings (all three), 7 Samurai,
Casablanca, Star Wars (the original), Citizen Kane,
The Matrix (only the first), To Kill a Mockingbird,
The Third Man,  Monty Python and the Holy Grail,
Wizard of Oz, 2001, Annie Hall,  Fargo, Blade Runner,
Duck Soup, Princess Bride, Young Frankenstein, Life of
Brian, Brazil, Twelve Monkeys, Kind Hearts and
Coronets. (and probably quite a few not on that list)

> Tv:
About the only thing I TV that is on that I tape and
keep the tapes is Dr Who (and that is taped on both
TVs in the house just to be sure). Of recent TV
programs the only ones I'd tape if I was going out
(and then make a point of watching the tape) have been
Jonathan Creek, Kath and Kim, The Chaser and The
Glasshouse (the last three are all Australian
comedies, the former has started appearing O/S
[overseas] while the other two are mainly satirical
and wouldn't travel well. Past TV shows that I make a
point of buying on DVD include, Monty Python, the
Goodies*, The Young Ones, Black Adder, Babylon 5 and
The Prisoner#. 

* reputedly the only TV program so funny that someone
has died laughing watching it.
# the '60s series staring Patrick McGoohan, not the
Aussie soap set in a woman's prison which was called
just Prisoner.

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