people who abandon cats

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Wed Dec 8 15:26:12 EST 2004

Mark wrote:

>The explanation is that our former house was situated on a curve next to
>a church, with a paved "pull-off" in front for a sort of parking lot.
>This was a natural place for people to stop the car and throw out an
>animal.  There is a special circle in Hell reserved for those people...

There's a small section in Heinlein's *To Sail Beyond the Sunset* which you
might find satisfactory: the bit in which Maureen has been told she has to
murder in an appropriate and artistic manner someone who deserves it, in
order to survive and become a member of the group who've kidnapped her.
She demands to kill someone who in addition to any crime against humanity
he may have committed also abandons kittens.

I think the suggested scenerio there would be a good start for the design
of that circle of Hell.  It's near the beginning of Chapter 24.

(It's a bit nasty, and may not appeal to those who feel that merely being
born in a human skin is enough excuse.  I don't feel that way, myself.)


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