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Wed Dec 8 14:35:34 EST 2004

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> Roger wrote:
> >I sometimes feel like the One Person Who Didn't
> Like Buffy.
> >++++++
> Jill replied:
> >Roger - Count me as the 2nd Person.
> and Rosie:
> >And me as the third. Some Buffy-mad friends invited
> me over for a
> >Buffy-evening, certain that I would be converted. I
> have no idea which
> >episodes they showed me, but I laughed in the bits
> that weren't meant
> >to be funny and criticised almost every stroke of a
> swordfight. For
> >some reason they haven't tried again ...
> Does never knowingly having seen any count as "Not
> Liking"?  I think
> someone once had a video of a Buffy episode going on
> in the same room as
> me, but the sound was turned off and I don't have
> any idea what it was
> about apart from somebody being aggressive on a
> flight of concrete stairs
> in what looked to me like a standard "school"
> setting, and some
> bushes-after-dark shots later with someone
> registering Strong Emotion (but
> I have no idea which person or which emotion).  I
> don't think this conveys
> the full inwardness of the series -- or does it?
> I had to be pretty forthright with some people who
> tried to do unto me what
> got done unto Rosie there, in order to keep the
> "haven't seen any and can't
> be bothered" status I'm allowed on account of having
> no TV/video, but I
> made it.
I'm another Buffy-agnostic here, never seen the TV
series and not particularly interested. I have seen
the movie several times however, my daughter has a DVD
of it, and I quite enjoy it.


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