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Wed Dec 8 10:12:24 EST 2004

Roger wrote:
>I sometimes feel like the One Person Who Didn't Like Buffy.

Jill replied:
>Roger - Count me as the 2nd Person.

and Rosie:
>And me as the third. Some Buffy-mad friends invited me over for a
>Buffy-evening, certain that I would be converted. I have no idea which
>episodes they showed me, but I laughed in the bits that weren't meant
>to be funny and criticised almost every stroke of a swordfight. For
>some reason they haven't tried again ...

Does never knowingly having seen any count as "Not Liking"?  I think
someone once had a video of a Buffy episode going on in the same room as
me, but the sound was turned off and I don't have any idea what it was
about apart from somebody being aggressive on a flight of concrete stairs
in what looked to me like a standard "school" setting, and some
bushes-after-dark shots later with someone registering Strong Emotion (but
I have no idea which person or which emotion).  I don't think this conveys
the full inwardness of the series -- or does it?

I had to be pretty forthright with some people who tried to do unto me what
got done unto Rosie there, in order to keep the "haven't seen any and can't
be bothered" status I'm allowed on account of having no TV/video, but I
made it.


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