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Name:  Minnow

Living in:
Bristol, England

Age: 50.
(I think I got my age wrong last time!)

What I do when not playing here:
a doctorate on plantlife in literature between 1100 and 1400 or thenabouts

Yes, and yes

Offspring (human variety):
3, aged 23, 19 and 15

Offspring (non-human):
one dragon

First DWJ/when:
can't remember; a long time ago

Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!):
whichever I read most recently, unless it was *Changeover*.  *The Tough
Guide to Fantasyland* as a general rule.

Least favourite DWJ:
fairly obvious...

Other favourite authors/books:
(this is where it gets silly.  I will go by the books in the shelves of the
room I am mostly in.)  *Sir Gawain and the Green Knight*; Kipling; Rosemary
Sutcliff; Angela Thirkell, Heinlein; P. G. Wodehouse; E. Nesbit; Gerald
Durrell; Masefield; J.W. Dunne; James Stephens; Leslie Charteris (as
opposed to the ghosts); Lois McMaster Bujold; Georgette Heyer; Andrew
Marvell; Pat Wrede; Sellar and Yeatman; Paul Jennings; Mary Stewart; Saki;
Dick Francis; Eric Frank Russell; Zenna Henderson; Mary O'Hara; Wu Ch'eng
En; Brian Vickers; Josephine Tey; *Beowulf*; Peter O'Donnell; Neil Gaiman;
Dodie Smith; Spider Robinson; Elizabeth Goudge; T.H. White; Dorothy Sayers;
Diane Duane; G.K. Chesterton; Peter O'Donnell; John Lydgate; Ellis Peters
(moderns only); Robertson Davies; Charles Causley; Antonia Forest; Compton
Mackenzie *The Life and Adventures of Sylvia Scarlet* and *Sinister Street*

(Things don't become "favourite" unless I know them reasonably well, I
feel.  More recent readings mostly haven't yet gained "I go back to this
repeatedly" status.)

almost anything so long as it has a tune, and if it has lyrics so long as
they are comprehensible (or if in a language I don't speak, clear)

Currently reading:
Chaucer and Culpeper by turns; Thomas C Greene, *Computer security for the
home and small office*; Susannah Clarke, *Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell*;
W. Montgomery Watt, *The Faith and Practice of al-Ghazali*.

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