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Okay, my turn.
  Name: Gili Bar-Hillel, that's my real name, not a "handle" (it's Hebrew)

  Living in :  Tel-Aviv, Israel

  Age: 30

  What I do when not playing here :   I'm a translator, English to Hebrew.
My claim to fame is translating the "Harry Potter" books into Hebrew. I've
just finished translating three books by Jacqueline Wilson ("Secrets",
"Midnight", and "Slumber Parties"), I've mostly finished translating and
adapting an annotated edition of "The Wizard of Oz", and I've just started
translating "Howl's Moving Castle" (I'm on page 19...)

  Married/partnered/?: My husband Hemmy/Haim and I have been together for
five years, married four. Hemmy accompanied me to the DWJ pubmeet last year
in Bristol.

  Offspring (human variety): My son Roi (pronounced Row-eee) will be three
in January,  my daughter Tali will be two in March. Tali accompanied us to
the pubmeet, and made eyes at DWJ, despite being only five months old at the
time. When last I wrote about Roi on the list, I shared the possibly
worrying information that Roi has Pervasive Developmental Disorder (autistic
spectrum disorder). I'm bringing it up again only to share more happy news,
that Roi seems to have a very mild variety that comes with a lot of fringe
benefits such as having a phenomenal memory. We recently discovered he can
read at least thirty words that he identifies photographically (when shown
the word "lamb" he will say "sheep", because he learned it by looking at a
rather vague flashcard), and he's capable of learning new words after a
single trial. He's also a very cheerful little chap who, with a little help,
is clearly capable of interacting and bonding with others, including his own
agegroup. Just in case any of you remembered and were worried, he's doing
very well indeed.

  Offspring (non-human): Two cats, Sushi and Mitzi, both probably about 7,
both already fully grown when adopted.

   First DWJ/when: "Charmed Life" when I was seven years old, borrowed from
the British Council Library in Jerusalem.

  Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!): Most of them.

  Least favourite DWJ: I was never too crazy about "Eight Days of Luke" or
"Witch Week".

  Other favourite authors/books: Lots and lots and lots, most already
mentioned here. I've been an Oz buff since forever.

   Music:  Israeli ethnic hip-hip/pop groups like "Hadag Nahash" and "Tea
Packs"; Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkle...

  Currently reading:  A mystery novel written by a friend (in Hebrew) "Two
Days and Mile before Sunset", by Shimon Adaf, which I was very pleased today
to see has just entered the Ha'aretz bestseller list. He's actually one of
two personal friends of mine with current bestsellers, and I'm feeling
almost as chuffed as if I had anything to do with it.

  If there's nothing wrong with me, maybe there's something wrong with the
  Dr. Beverly Crusher

  Ian W. Riddell
  iwriddell at

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