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Irina Rempt irina at
Wed Dec 8 08:22:46 EST 2004

On Wednesday 08 December 2004 05:09, Kyra Jucovy wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Dec 2004, Kyra Jucovy wrote:
> > I love intros!
> Tragically, I left a couple of key things off the first time I wrote
> this, and have been feeling guilty ever since I realized, so I'm just
> going to add:

Me too! I left out a large and important chunk of my life (blame it on 
the cold that makes it impossible to even *think* of singing): the 
church choir, where I'm usually half, occasionally the whole of the 
alto section. And all the other volunteer work for the church, 
including trying to run a children's choir so there will be fresh blood 
when the current singers collapse from old age.

And I run and play role-playing games, though not as extensively as when 
it was easy to get all the people together in the same place at the 
same time.


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