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Roger Burton West. Unlike Diana's situation, "Burton West" is the
surname. If this confuses your database, insert an underscore.

>Living in:

London, UK.



>What I do when not playing here:

Computer-wrangling for both fun and profit (no Windows so it stays
fun); lots of reading; wargaming; role-playing; cookery; flight
simulation; writing; and lots of other stuff as it takes my fancy.



>Offspring (human variety):


>Offspring (non-human):

None, unless you count computers (the pile has grown in the last 18
months, currently around 30-35 machines, of which 13 are running at this
moment). Just think of it as an Electronic Donkey Sanctuary.

>First DWJ/when:

Probably Hexwood, some time in 1997 or thereabouts.

>Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!):

Whichever one I'm reading, usually. But Hexwood and Deep Secret and
Fire and Hemlock stay at the top of my mind and get re-read often. And
the Tough Guide.

>Least favourite DWJ:

I still have no answer to this one.

>Other favourite authors/books:

Recently: Lester Dent (i.e. Doc Savage), P. G. Wodehouse, Georgette
Heyer, Robert Heinlein, Pat Wrede, Sue Grafton, the Gawain Poet. In the
long term, add Leslie Charteris, Lois Bujold, Dick Francis, Larry
Niven, Alistair MacLean, David Weber (when he's on form), Ellis Peters,
Andre Norton, Josephine Tey, Theresa Edgerton...


Eclectic. Steve Earle, Melissa Etheridge, Leonard Cohen, Joan Baez,
Apocalyptica (Finnish heavy metal cellists), random German heavy metal,
Pete Atkin, Sarah McLachlan (first four albums), Mozart, Haydn,
occasional Bach; that should give an idea of where the boundaries are.
Current "play lots" disc is The Ukrainians' _Respublika_.

>Favourite movies:

I enjoy quite a few films but there aren't really many I come back to.
Things I've seen recently and thought worthwhile include _Hellboy_,
_Natural City_, _28 Days Later_ and _Pirates of the Caribbean_.

>Favourite TV:

I don't have a TV set, so I have to go to some trouble to see
television programmes at all. That said, I continue to watch
_Stargate_, _CSI_, and (much to my surprise) the new _Battlestar
Galactica_. I just don't mistake them for Great Works of any sort... I
also watch a great deal of anime, and of my recent viewing would
recommend _Bakuretsu Tenshi_, _Kenran Butoh Sai_ and _RahXephon_.

I sometimes feel like the One Person Who Didn't Like Buffy.

>Currently reading:

_The Politeness of Princes_, a collection of Wodehouse's school

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