Which Buffy character are you?

Ika blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Wed Dec 8 07:18:44 EST 2004


>> > My homosexual tendencies are not latent.  Ask my partner.

>> Ah, but Andrew's are (and maybe Dru's, too)!  :-)
> I never thought of Andrew as being gay. I think he probably had an
> unhealthy
> relationship with his keyboard... no, his mouse.

Really? Andrew explicitly says he's had sex with Warren at the end of
Season Six, then much of the plot of Season Seven involves Warren
promising Andrew they'll be "together" again. Andrew also very obviously
has a crush on both Xander (following him round filming him all the time
and getting visibly upset when he gets back together with his girlfriend)
and Spike, whose attractiveness he comments on on several occasions. Short
of having sex on-screen, I don't see how his homosexual tendencies could
be any less latent.

(As for Dru - I personally find it hard to believe that during that
century when she was hanging around being self-consciously sexually
perverse and wild and "try anything once" with Angel, Darla and Spike,
nothing ever happened between Dru and Darla, but AFAIR there's nothing
on-screen that specifically suggests it).

Can't think of an obDWJ, except that I always wished Polly would give up
on that Tom and go off with that nice Fiona.

Love, Ika

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