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Mark Allums mallums at tyler.net
Wed Dec 8 02:33:39 EST 2004

Juliette Curtis wrote:

> Offspring (non-human):
> Four cats. We intended to have 2 but 2 more arrived and decided to live 
> with us. Cats do that. In Minor Arcana, DWJ says something about 
> "somebody organising me a cat". That happens to us too  :-)

All three of my cats just showed up on the doorstep.

Theo, a calico/ tabby mix (now at least 17, probably 18+), was the 
first.  Zee came to us already spayed; I should have tried harder to 
find (and return her to) her owner.  She's so named because it's short 
for Zero; she is a "natural/wild" marked tabby, and has a circular 
stripe on each side.  If she were male, she would have been Bullseye. 
GreyCat (whom Mom calls Bobbette --- but she's the only one who does --- 
my Dad's name is Bob) was just a kitten.

The explanation is that our former house was situated on a curve next to 
a church, with a paved "pull-off" in front for a sort of parking lot. 
This was a natural place for people to stop the car and throw out an 
animal.  There is a special circle in Hell reserved for those people...

We actually lived in the church's parsonage after our house burned (long 
story), and people would confue us with the Pastor of said church.  It 
was a bit of a landmark in the area. I guess those people felt less 
guilty abandoning an animal if they thought it would be rescued by the 
pastor of a church.  We used to get lots and lots of unwanted dogs, 
often with mange or health problems.  It was too much to ask for us to 
take in every stray dog that came along, so these poor animals would go 
to the pound.  Very sad.

The dachsund, Rusty, was a Christmas gift.  He's been a big 
responsibility to care for, but he's also been good company.

--Mark A.

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