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Wed Dec 8 02:00:06 EST 2004

Juliette Curtis

Living in:  
Perth, Western Australia. Lived in San Jose, California (Silicon Valley) from 1989 to 1997, then returned to Perth.


What I do when not playing here:
Work as a technical writer for a software company. We make content management systems for delivering education through the web. Interesting technology, fun job. Hobbies: sewing, cooking, flying aeroplanes.

Married to Mark for 14 years.

Offspring (human variety):
One adopted son: Ben. Age 4 and an absolute darling. Adopting Ben is the best thing we ever did.

Offspring (non-human):
Four cats. We intended to have 2 but 2 more arrived and decided to live with us. Cats do that. In Minor Arcana, DWJ says something about "somebody organising me a cat". That happens to us too  :-)

First DWJ/when:
_The Ogre Downstairs_. Discovered it in the Red Cross Book Shop (the most marvellous secondhand bookshop in the world -- sadly it has closed) around age 12. Loved it: it was so different from anything else I had read. Went on to _Charmed Life_ and have been a devoted DWJ reader ever since.

Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!):
_Deep Secret_, closely followed by _Fire and Hemlock_. _Eight Days of Luke_ turned into an obsession because I kept giving it away. I'd think "I'll never read that again" and give it away, then immediately regret it and have to ransack Australia for another copy. I hadn't owned one since approx 1992 until it was recently republished. I would go despairingly into bookshops and look under J, and W just to be sure, knowing perfectly well that it wouldn't be there. And then one day it actually was there! I was utterly astonished and scuttled up to the cashier with it before it could vanish. I am now on my fourth copy and I'M NOT GIVING THIS ONE AWAY! Since then I have been gleefully replacing my old tattered DWJs with new ones and buying up the ones I had not read before. I have also bought all of the recorded books and enjoy them very much too.

Least favourite DWJ:
_Dogsbody_. There's too much cruelty in it and Katherine is a wimp. The plot is interesting but DWJ's writing skills were not really up to it at that time. I don't like _Hexwood_ much but it is growing on me (like mould?).

Other favourite authors/books:
Where do I start? Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Dorothy L. Sayers (but can't stand Agatha Christie), Graham Greene (when I grow up I want to write like Graham Greene), Somerset Maugham (sp?), John Le Carre, Robert Heinlein, Laurie R. King, Sheri S. Tepper, Jasper Fforde, and anything related to aviation.... 

A bit of everything but I'm more likely to listen to recorded books or news radio.

Currently reading:
Going Postal, the Sandman series, Gaudy Night, Deep Secret

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