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Tue Dec 7 22:47:46 EST 2004

Widdy graciously supplied us with our blank Intro


Gender Female

Living in: Sheffield, S Yorks, UK

Age: 47

What I do when not playing here: Mendicant
scholar and gardener (ie I'm on the sick) 

Married/partnered/?: Nope

Offspring (human variety): None

Offspring (non-human): Cat brother and sister
Vespa (Vespasian) and Camberwell (Beauty)
First DWJ/when: Eight Days of Luke 1978/79

Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!):
Deep Secret, Drowned Ammet, Charmed Life

Least favourite DWJ: A Tale of Time City

Other favourite authors/books:

Steven Brust, Neal Stephenson, Tim Powers, Emma
Bull, Margaret Mahy, Samuel R Delany, Terry
Pratchett, Lois Macmasters Bujold...... to name
but a few.

Music: The Kinks, the Cure, Pulp, Robbie Williams
(yes I know), Eminem.

Favourite TV: Buffy, The Sopranos, Big Brother UK
(except year 4) 

Favourite film: The Shining, Lawrence of Arabia

Favourite artist: Lucian Freud

Currently reading:
Point of Dreams, Melissa Scott. Guns Germs and
Steel Jared Diamond.


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