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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Tue Dec 7 19:19:39 EST 2004

> Name: Jon Noble
> Living in: Toronto, Australia, a semi-coastal town
(its on a coastal lake) about 100km north of Sydney
and just south of Newcastle (and where, I believe)
Judith on this list came from). I was born however in
New Zealand, and still have New Zealand citizenship,
although I've lived in Australia since 1959.
> Age: 51
> What I do when not playing here: High school
> Married/partnered/?: yes, for 26 years by the end of
this month
> Offspring (human variety): two daughters, 25 and 22
both DWJ fans, only the younger is still at home and
she is planning on being in England in a couple of
> Offspring (non-human): 6 cats; Pepper aged 18 but
still going strong (although she gave us a scare when
she disapeared for all of last week - something she
has never done before), Nefertiti aged about 12 (who
also gave us scare when she nearly died from a tick -
but after a week at the vets and $600 we have her
back), Squeak (a year old ginger ex-tom), Bubble (a
ginger female also a year old but no relation), Mayhem
and Mischief two semi-persian kittens recently rescued
from feraldom who have adopted Bubble as their mother
and Squeak as their father, roles they have both
accepted. There is also one dog Skittle the world's
largest miniature fox-terrier. We are still mourning
the loss a couple of months ago of Monty our year old
labrador run over by a truck. (and what does it say
about me that I've just spent much more space on my
pets than on my children - I can only say that they
can speak for themselves if they wish)(and wouldn't
want me speaking for them in any case)
> First DWJ/when: Spellcoats, a bit over 20 years ago
> Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!):
either Archer's Goon or Deep Secret (or whichever I
have most recently read)
> Least favourite DWJ: Blasphemy!!! (Eight days of
Luke)(of the novels)
> Other favourite authors/books: Bujold, Jack Vance,
Robert Silverberg, leGuin, Pratchett, Tad Williams,
David Brinn, Sean McMullen, Garth Nix, George RR
Martin, and oohh, hundreds of others. 
Outside the fantasy/SF genre Lindsay Davis (the Falco
books) and George macdonald Fraser (Flashman)
> Music: Just about anything thats not Country or
western, but especially Romantic era music and '60s
> Currently reading: Kim Stanley Robinson "Forty signs
of Rain", just finished Elizabeth Moon "Speed of Dark"

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