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> > 
> > As for some of the top 100 this time-- it looks to
> me as if people have
> > either picked the last book they read (probably
> because they were forced to
> > in high school) or else something they actually
> SAW on TV or cinema. They
> > may have read the book afterwards, of course...
> > 
> > Sallyo (now tell me I'm wrong.)
> > 
> There looks to me to be some obvious examples of
> vote stacking in this list,
> Sally! (not naming any names, but do we really
> believe number 85 got there
> by virtue of its enormous popularity?)
> And, as my boss said this morning, can "real" book
> people pick just one
> favourite book? The top 10 is pretty banal if you
> ask me!

It was interesting to see how similar the list was
with the British one, other than the two Aussie books,
the Bible (which iirc couldn't be included in the
British  list which was confined to novels) and the
daVinci code (which probably would have made the
british list if it had been done this year) most of
the top books were on both lists, and in much the same
order. I just hope that it was kids who voted for
Goosebumps and Deltora Quest, and not nostalgic
adults. (Nostalgic adults voting for Wind in the
Willows, Winnie the Pooh or the Faraway Tree I can
understand - I am fond of all three myself). I'm
rather surprised that "The day my bum went psycho"
didn't make the list. It does seem that a lot of
people voted for books that they thought they Ought To
Vote For, or they really hadn't read very much. I am
constantly amazed by the fact the Feist's Magician did
well on both British and Aussie lists. Surely people
who read and enjoy this book then go on to read other,
better, fantasy books (not just LotR).

Jon (who didn't vote either)

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