Australia's favorite books (was OT: Tad Williams and Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn)

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Mon Dec 6 16:42:20 EST 2004

I found the book a quick, and OK read. I couldn't work
out just how tongue-in-cheek the whole thing was
supposed to be. There were bits of the plot that
seemed to be straight out of Shea and Wilson's
Illuminatus books of the '70s (but not as convincing).
I also thought that Harry Harrison had much more fun
with the Jesus+Mary south of France thing.


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> On Mon, 6 Dec 2004, Otter Perry wrote:
> > On Monday, December 6, 2004, at 03:05 AM, Roger
> Burton West wrote:
> >
> > > I commend to your attention this perceptive
> analysis of the writing
> > > style:
> > >
> >
> > Thank you, thank you!  I've been saved from ever
> attempting to read
> > Th* D*VInc* C*d*.
> Sadly, I have already read it. But I was much
> heartened by reading that
> critique (thank you for the link, Roger!), because
> my major complaint
> about the book (besides things like stupid sexist
> descriptions--Our
> Heroine is not only a damn hot French cryptologist,
> but she has *burgundy*
> hair, and it is not suggested that it came from a
> bottle) was the lousy,
> lousy writing, coupled with three-page chapters.
> What was that about
> declining attention spans? Anyway, I complained
> about the bad writing, and
> many people said to me, people whose opinions I
> trust and value, "Oh, I
> didn't mind it."
> I also objected to the descriptions of artwork,
> especially with the note
> in the beginning about "all descriptions are
> completely true," because at
> least one piece is pretty oddly interpreted.
> While Europe's eye is fix'd on mighty things,
> The fate of empires and the fall of kings;
> While quacks of State must each produce his plan,
> And even children lisp the Rights of Man;
> Amid this mighty fuss just let me mention,
> The Rights of Woman merit some attention.
>        --Robert Burns, Address on "The Rights of
>        Woman", 26/10 1792
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