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Mon Dec 6 14:54:48 EST 2004

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> I am very glad to be able to report that unlike the
> BBC, the Studio Ghibli
> folk know how to do things properly and how to treat
> a Lady.
> Sworn to secrecy in advance of the event, DWJ went
> this weekend to see
> *Howl's Moving Castle* at a special screening put on
> for her at a cinema in
> Bristol hired for the occasion by the studio, and
> dined afterwards with
> Miyazaki and a number of other people from the
> production team, who had
> flown from Japan for the occasion since they
> couldn't safely fly DWJ to
> Tokyo and in any case are too polite to ask her to
> disrupt her life in such
> a way.
> She enjoyed it a great deal and she particularly
> recommends anyone who sees
> it to watch out for the falling stars, which she
> says are "out of this
> world, literally and figuratively".  Although it
> doesn't follow the plot of
> the book exactly nor have quite the same
> characterisation, and includes
> things that are definitely not in the original text,
> she didn't come away
> feeling unhappy with what has been done with her
> work.
> At the meal, she and Miyazaki talked with each other
> so much that the poor
> girl interpreting for them didn't get a bite to eat,
> and DWJ was quite
> worried for her (but she was able to hand over to
> another interpreter after
> a while and did get some food in the end).  He seems
> to be a great fan of
> the Dalemark books in particular, and his
> understanding of them and his
> views about them impressed DWJ a lot.
> I felt you'd all like to know that she hasn't been
> slighted this time.
> Minnow

I'm so pleased to hear this!


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