Australia's favorite books (was OT: Tad Williams and Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn)

Judith Ridge Judith.Ridge at
Sun Dec 5 22:35:17 EST 2004

> As for some of the top 100 this time-- it looks to me as if people have
> either picked the last book they read (probably because they were forced to
> in high school) or else something they actually SAW on TV or cinema. They
> may have read the book afterwards, of course...
> Sallyo (now tell me I'm wrong.)

There looks to me to be some obvious examples of vote stacking in this list,
Sally! (not naming any names, but do we really believe number 85 got there
by virtue of its enormous popularity?)

And, as my boss said this morning, can "real" book people pick just one
favourite book? The top 10 is pretty banal if you ask me!

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