Australia's favorite books (was OT: Tad Williams and Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn)

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Sun Dec 5 22:27:09 EST 2004

> (I have to admit that I didn't vote,

I didn't, either, because I didn't think it possible to have an honest
result. Ever since I discovered that best seller  stats are skewed by
deliberately omitting about 5 ACTUAL best sellers to get to an admissable
one, I've lost faith in this kind of poll.

It seems that category romance novels are wiped from consideration. If they
weren't, they'd take half the available slots in any one month.

As for some of the top 100 this time-- it looks to me as if people have
either picked the last book they read (probably because they were forced to
in high school) or else something they actually SAW on TV or cinema. They
may have read the book afterwards, of course...

Sallyo (now tell me I'm wrong.)

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