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|> (As a separate issue, Ged and most of the people of
|> Earthsea are white.
|I'm sure Ged in the books is black, iirc that there is
|some passage in one of the books to this effect. I
|can't recall what the reference was and what its
|implication for the skin colours of other characters
|was. (Or have I got this all completely wrong and I'm
|thinking of something else from that era.)

Yes, Ged's brown skinned, and the archipelago folks think Tenar, who's
white skinned like other Kargs, is fascinatingly pale.  Thus the epithet
"White Lady of Gont".  There's a very mild feel that the archipelagans
are more brown skinned because they're more rural / sailorish, as
opposed to the more imperial kargs, but I might be making that up; it
certainly is never explicitly stated.  So it's not a huge deal, but it's
certainly important enough that for the mini-series producers to
blithely ignore it is tacky.  Not ludicrous, on the order of making,
say, the kid from Witch's Business white, but more on the order or
making Alanna the Lioness a brunette.  It;s not like there's a shortage
of good darker skinned actors in the US, or a plethora of jobs available
for them.

Besides, making Ged and Ogion of two separate races diminishes that
Ogion of Gont had gone home to his little island mountain, and increases
the notion that he is Other Than Gontish.  Which Ogion, I think, would
take issue with.

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