Earthsea mini-series

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Sun Dec 5 14:58:28 EST 2004

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> (As a separate issue, Ged and most of the people of
> Earthsea are white.

I'm sure Ged in the books is black, iirc that there is
some passage in one of the books to this effect. I
can't recall what the reference was and what its
implication for the skin colours of other characters
was. (Or have I got this all completely wrong and I'm
thinking of something else from that era.)


>   Legend of Earthsea, the miniseries, was cast
> completely colorblind, as
>   any of my productions have been. We searched for
> the right actors for
>   the roles and brought in diversity to the cast as
> a result.
> Funny how film versions of stories with major
> dark-skinned characters
> are cast completely colorblind, but there aren't too
> many stories where
> they cast non-white actors in white roles.  What an
> amazing
> coincidence.  Also an amazing coincidence, since
> they apparantly cast
> based entirely on talent, that the actress playing
> Tenar is young,
> pretty, pale skinned, with yards of straight black
> hair...  Not to
> mention the general appropriateness of casting a
> story colorblind in a
> world where skin color matters, at least somewhat.)

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