OT: Tad Williams and Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn and Australia's favorite books

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 5 07:16:30 EST 2004

I know there are some on this list who don't like, or
at least are indiferent to, Memory, Sorrow and Thorn.
I, however, realy liked them, and would place TW in my
top ten all time favorite fantasy authors on the
strength of them (other than DWJ and JRRT don't ask me
for the other seven). On ABC TV here a couple of hours
ago there was Australia's Favorite Book which was Lord
of the Rings (followed by Pride and Prejudice and the
Bible). One of the great joys of the program was
hearing the Australian Rugby League Choir singing the
plot of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which also
made the top ten. The others were Harry Potter and the
Order of the Phoenix, 1984, catch 22, To Kill a
Mockingbird, The DaVinci Code and a couple of (very
good) Australian books - Tim Winton's "Cloudstreet"
and Bert Facey's "A Fortunate Life". They had the
Bananas in pajamas summarise the plot of Pride and
Prejudice, which was also worth catching. The full
list wasn't up on the website when I checked



--- Ian Riddell <iwriddell at charter.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> A question for any who've read Tad Williams's
> "Memory, Sorrow, and 
> Thorn" trilogy. I'm almost finished with the first
> book, "The 
> Dragonbone Chair", and I'm wondering if anyone can
> give me advice about 
> whether it's worth pushing through and finishing it
> and going on to the 
> next book in the series. It's an ok read, but it's
> not thrilling me 
> deeply, and I'd like to know if there's an
> unexpected payoff or 
> something unique that comes later that's worth
> working for. Or should I 
> just put it down and move on to the next thing on my
> very big 
> to-be-read pile.
> I really loved Williams's "Otherland" series. So I
> thought I'd try this 
> one. It's not grabbing me enough to immediately run
> out and buy 
> everything I can find of his.
> Thanks for the input. (Not that I need anyone's
> permission to put the 
> book down, I just want to know if I'll be missing
> something special if 
> I do)
> widdy
> Blessed Cecelia, appear in visions
> To all musicians, appear and inspire:
> Translated Daughter, come down and startle
> Composing mortals with immortal fire.
> W. H. Auden
> Ian W. Riddell
> iwriddell at charter.net

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