expanded or unedited books, was Re: hello

Mark Allums mallums at tyler.net
Sat Dec 4 02:11:21 EST 2004

Margaret wrote:

> Mark wrote
>> I'm thinking of Heinlein's _Stranger In a Strange Land_ and King's _The
>> Stand_.  Are you thinking of the same two?
> Not quite - I was thinking of Heinlein's book and of M.M. Kaye's _Shadow 
> of the Moon_.

I should point out that the unedited version of _Stranger in a Strange 
Land_ was published after Heinlein's death by his wife, Virginia.  In 
this particular instance, it wasn't ego on the part of the author. 
Having read both versions, I have to go with the original.

I only ever read one Stephen King book: the expanded version of _The 
Stand_.  I never felt the need to read the original to compare.  In 
fact, I never felt the need to read another King book.

Should I read any version of _Shadow of the Moon_?

--Mark A.

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