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Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 3 22:17:47 EST 2004

Hi Mark and welcome. I like Bujold too. You wrote

<I notice many of you use "handles", rather than 
your real names, e.g.,
Dorian E. Gray.  Is this something I should 

Weeeeell you should be aware that some names that
look like "handles" are "real" names and some
that look "real" are "handles".......... Mine for
instance is closer to my "real" name than the one
on my bank statements and neither are the one on
my birth certificate ;-).

Deborah wrote 

<You could throw words at us and see what we make

of them.  Some of us are postmodern and
pretentious that way.>

And mostly we like to talk -- that is to write
stuff and read stuff. And I aree with Deborah
that we like food, and cats, dogs too on

Widdy wrote
<We do occasionally post big introductory e-mails

about ourselves, but 
it's been over a year since we've done that. Is 
it time again, folks?>

It's usually in summer but we missed this year,
in the past it's been suggested when we've been
quiet but I don't think we have been for a while.
I second the suggestion that we go for it, if we
do the other favourite authors bit in it will
serve as the other authors we recommend for Mark
and the other new posters. 


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