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Fri Dec 3 13:03:22 EST 2004

|I was referred to this list by a member of the Lois McMaster Bujold

Welcome!  We mostly love Bujold, too.  :)

I don't know if we have anyone else in Texas.  We have Florida, and
Utah, and ... checks map ... Otter, where are you?

|I plan mostly to lurk, looking for news of DWJ and ideas for other
|SF/fantasy books suitable for my niece.  If you have any suggestions,
|feel free to let me know.  (Emily is 12 and has read Harry Potter and
|some of the _Series of Unfortunate Events_.  I have given her the Oz
|books, and she has the Narnia books, though she hasn't read much of
|either series yet.)

I really need to post the "books we recommend" lists we keep making on
the website, somewhere.  On my "some of these will get done during
winter break" list.

|I notice many of you use "handles", rather than your real names, e.g.,
|Dorian E. Gray.  Is this something I should imitate?

Only if you want to.  Some of use use real names on the net, others
handles, for privacy or other cultural reasons.  I, for example, am
completely open in my DWJ-list persona, but much more private in my
blogging persona.  It possibly depends on how likely you are to say
something that, if your boss did a Google search, might get you fired.
;)  Give that we have a strictly no-flamage policy on this list, you're
probably safe.  Unless your boss hates fantasy.  And food.  We like

|I have done some writing, but what I have produced is strictly for my
|own consumption.  Currently, I take medication that seems to prevent me
|from being fully able to string sentences together coherently except on
|good days, so I doubt I'll be very prolific. [sigh]

You could throw words at us and see what we make of them.  Some of us
are postmodern and pretentious that way.

Sir! I protest! I am _not_ a merry man!
		--lt. worf

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