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Mark Allums mallums at tyler.net
Fri Dec 3 12:49:07 EST 2004

Margaret Ball wrote:
> There are two cases I know of where a writer became rich and famous and 
> then reissued Their Own Original Version Of That Great Novel Before The 
> Editors Made All Those Horrible Cuts.
> In both cases the Sacred Original Version seemed to me to be slow, 
> wordy, and in dire need of editorial surgery.

I'm thinking of Heinlein's _Stranger In a Strange Land_ and King's _The
Stand_.  Are you thinking of the same two?


Hello, I'm new here.  My name is Mark Allums.  I live in East Texas.  I
read SF and fantasy (and a few other things).  I discovered DWJ looking
for books for my niece.  I have read four of the Chrestomanci books so
far, and I plan to read much more, before I pass them on to her.  :)

I was referred to this list by a member of the Lois McMaster Bujold

I plan mostly to lurk, looking for news of DWJ and ideas for other
SF/fantasy books suitable for my niece.  If you have any suggestions,
feel free to let me know.  (Emily is 12 and has read Harry Potter and
some of the _Series of Unfortunate Events_.  I have given her the Oz
books, and she has the Narnia books, though she hasn't read much of
either series yet.)

I understand that some of you are writers too.  ("sallyo" for one.)  May
I ask your pen names, or what you have written?

I notice many of you use "handles", rather than your real names, e.g.,
Dorian E. Gray.  Is this something I should imitate?

I have done some writing, but what I have produced is strictly for my
own consumption.  Currently, I take medication that seems to prevent me
from being fully able to string sentences together coherently except on
good days, so I doubt I'll be very prolific. [sigh]

That's enough for now.  See ya around!

--Mark A.

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