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In <00ca01c4d8c0$e5314b70$878a4e51 at CharliePC>, Charles Butler wrote:
>> I'm curious. Has anyone heard anything about differences in how DWJ's
>books have been received (by the public and reviewers) as reprints compared
>to when they came out originally?  Was Harry Potter's popularity the impetus
>for DWJ's books being reprinted?  How did the reprints come about?  Was it
>DWJ's editor's idea?
>I think it would be fair to say that her editor at HarperCollins, Stella
>Paskins, had long harboured a dream of publishing DWJ, and that the HP
>phenomenon played its part in enabling her to persuade HarperCollins buy up
>the DWJ backlist.

To join the competition to buy up her backlist, is how I would put it.

There is no doubt that the sudden upsurge of interest in fantasy authors
who produced good work suitable for a younger audience was at least
partly sparked by HP, but in fact the publishing houses seem to have
noticed DWJ slightly before the real hysteria hit; and it wasn't just
Stella.  At least one other publishing house was making serious
overtures at the same time.

DWJ had a terrible job deciding which offer to go with, and Stella won
by being an all-round good thing with an all-round good team backing
her.  It wasn't a decision entered into lightly by The Author and her
agent.  There was a lot of discussion both of and with the publishers
involved, and comparison of what they offered in the way of speed and
style of production and cover-artists and who DWJ would be working with.

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