Witch Week

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 2 02:35:36 EST 2004

Hi All

Just had my Witch Week discussion class which went very well. Here's my 
topic for group discussion, and I thought people here might like to talk 
about it.

In the Children's Lit class, one of our recurring discussion themes has 
been how literature empowers children, both as readers and child 
protagonists. I noticed when reading WW this time around that there are a 
number of "protagonists" in the novel (in that we get the story from a 
couple of points of view and there are a number of major characters). So I 
gave each group a character (Charles Morgan, Brian, Nan, Estelle, Nirupam) 
and asked: how does this character become empowered in the book? We also 
did Simon and Theresa to look at characters who perhaps do not succeed as 
the book goes on.

This lead to some very interesting discussion, including the comment that 
Charles experiences magic in a way that can be seen as a close parallel to 
drug use (knows its wrong, tries it, gets hooked, goes a little nuts).

Any insights to offer?


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