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Wed Dec 1 07:47:27 EST 2004

Somebody sent me what follows; in case anyone here hasn't got the
information, I forward it for them.

>Found this through a link on  Sent it to Diana as well.
>Global release for Japan hit film
>Howl's Moving Castle
>Howl's Magic Castle is based on a UK author's story
>Oscar-winning animator Hayao Miyazaki's latest film, Howl's Moving
>Castle, is to be released in 50 countries around the world, its
>distributor has said.
>Howl's Moving Castle set a Japanese box office record last week, taking
>1.5bn yen (£7.7m) in its first two days.
>Miyazaki won an Oscar earlier this year for Spirited Away, Japan's first
>Academy Award for nearly 50 years.
>Howl's Moving Castle is based on a children's fantasy novel by UK author
>Diana Wynne Jones.
>It tells the story of an 18-year-old woman who ages dramatically after
>falling under a witch's spell.
>She heads to a moving castle kept by Howl, a wizard, and searches for a
>way to become normal again.
>A spokesman for distributor Toho said the film "has received strong
>interest from domestic audiences and foreign media and viewers alike".
>"We have a good feeling about this film. We saw very good viewer
>response," he added.
>The film's worldwide release will start in South Korea on 24 December,
>and France on 12 January.


DWJ has Japanese television crews invading her house some time this
week/weekend, and her husband plans to wear his Totoro tie at them.


But I still want to know why France get the film before we do, and what's
worse before DWJ has a look at it herself.  No fair.


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