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Tue Aug 31 07:34:11 EDT 2004

Ika pointed out:

>slightly more obscurely, Tori Amos's song "Silent All
>These Years" is about the Little Mermaid ("what if I'm a mermaid/in these
>jeans* of his with her name still on them/but I don't care because
>sometimes I hear my voice/ and it's been silent all these years"). On the
>same album is "Tear in my Hand" which contains the lines "If you need me,
>me and Neil'll be hanging out with the Dream King", but that's just an
>aside so it's probably a bit of a reach to say it's "about" literature...

I'm sure there are areas of human creative endeavour in which one won't
eventually stumble against Neil Gaiman, but this inevitably isn't one of
them.  (TA and NG are friends, so it isn't all that big a surprise if they
put reference to each other in their work, I guess.)  If you want Gaimanic
stuff, try The Flash Girls (Emma Bull and The Fabulous Lorraine, who works
with Neil), who have recorded songs Neil has written -- but they aren't
about specific books, so they aren't what deborah was looking for.  I have
two Flash Girls albums, "Maurice and I" and "Play Each Morning Wild Queen",
and there are three of Neil's songs on each.

>Good Lord. Just googled for "filk". There's a lot of it about.


Sturgeon's Law applies.  All forty-seven verses of it.

I bet at least some filks about the Sandman have been written and performed


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