looking for songs (vaguely on topic, really)

Ika blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Tue Aug 31 06:17:54 EDT 2004

Judith wrote:

> Also on this, Australian band Lo-Tel had an album out which they named
> "The
> Lost Thing" and reproduced the picture book of that name by Shaun Tan as
> the
> CD booklet.

Cooool. I love Shaun Tan.

Everyone has mentioned most of the songs I know (usually before I thought
of them, prompting lots of "D'oh!"s [Wuthering Heights! How could I
forget!]), but I can add that the Little Tin Soldier song was indeed by
Donovan (I'm not allowed to sing it in the house because it makes my
girlfriend cry) and, slightly more obscurely, Tori Amos's song "Silent All
These Years" is about the Little Mermaid ("what if I'm a mermaid/in these
jeans* of his with her name still on them/but I don't care because
sometimes I hear my voice/ and it's been silent all these years"). On the
same album is "Tear in my Hand" which contains the lines "If you need me,
me and Neil'll be hanging out with the Dream King", but that's just an
aside so it's probably a bit of a reach to say it's "about" literature...

[*jeans! Do you see? A mermaid can't wear jeans *unless she has been given
legs by the Sea Witch*! <g> Sorry, I'm still very proud of myself for
spotting this one.]

I have a nagging feeling there's some obvious ones I'm missing. Will put
all my mp3s on random shuffle and get back to you, Deborah <g>

> And what on earth is filk? I thought it was a typo until two people
> mentioned it!

It *was* originally a typo (for 'folk') on the programme of a fan
convention, but it stuck as a name for original (usually fannish) words to
the tunes of pop or folk songs. Usually funnier, IMO, if the new words
have some connection to the old. The best one I heard recently was "I'm
Watching Angel Instead", to the tune of Robbie Williams's 'Angels' (um,
which probably didn't travel beyond the UK, sorry), about how it would
have been better if Spike had got the spin-off show from Buffy the Vampire
Slayer instead of Angel.

Good Lord. Just googled for "filk". There's a lot of it about.

Love, Ika

*Rrrrrip!* I tore up the [wedding] photos, all of them. Then I gathered up
the pieces - like multicoloured confetti. Oh yes, irony stung. But I
didn't hesitate, I stuffed them all into the bin.
- 'Ring of Truth', *that's life!* 34 (26/08/04)
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