looking for songs (vaguely on topic, really)

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Tue Aug 31 00:44:20 EDT 2004

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> and still more - thought I'd better post this before I
> loose the website;
> http://www.artistsforliteracy.org/famous.html

The Cure have a stack of songs listed on this site. I had remembered
"Killing an Arab", inspired by Camus' The Stranger,and can't BELIEVE
Charlotte Sometimes didn't immediately spring to mind. (Penelope Farmer was
not best pleased about it either! In fact, if you do a google on Charlotte
Sometimes you'll see how the title has been appropriated all over the place.
There's an independent film with the same name, and a band in Wales.)

Also on this, Australian band Lo-Tel had an album out which they named "The
Lost Thing" and reproduced the picture book of that name by Shaun Tan as the
CD booklet. I'm not sure how closely connected the songs were to the book;
more in mood than anything, I think.

And what on earth is filk? I thought it was a typo until two people
mentioned it!


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