Angela Thirkell and Mixolydians

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You could tell because of the different patterns of intervals in the  
scales. Note the difference in the last two intervals in the two  

Major pattern: tone tone semitone tone tone tone semitone
Mixolydian pattern: tone tone semitone tone tone semitone tone

You can build them on any note you want. On a piano keyboard you get  
mixolydian if you start at G and play all the white notes till you get  
to the next G.

hope that helps!


On Saturday, August 28, 2004, at 03:34  PM, Margaret Ball wrote:

> Embedded within these books are a number of obscure jokes, including  
> references to people playing Mixolydian etudes on some kind of > flute...
> weak on music theory here, but why couldn't you write a piece in  
> Mixolydian mode for flute? (but then I can't figure out how you would  
> be able to tell Mixolydian G major from regular C major. Ok, ok, I  
> already admitted I'm shaky on music theory.)
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