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|deborah wrote:
|>Oh!  This is the myth that Mary Stewart gives to ... some small king or
|So she does! I'd forgotten that.  She conflates it with one of the
|standard "Lancelot rescues Guinevere from some Dastardly Villain" events
|that's pretty-much part of the canon, I think.  Is there a chess-piece
|involved, or something? It's a long time since I read them...

yes, I think.  Merlin has a dream that's all symbolic but also concrete
and chess pieces get knocked over.  There are knives in the lake that
cut Bedwyr's feet instead of Lancelot having to walk over a sword.

|If you have loved Thornyhold, which is one of her most recent books,
|have you met her earlier stuff as well? If not, you have a real treat in
|store, because she did rattling good "thriller with love interest" for a
|long time, and her heroines are in general not just wimps who get
|kidnapped, they run the stories. For instance there's a car-chase
|through France in *Madam Will You Talk?* in which the driver is the girl
|-- who is no slouch behind the wheel! And that is set fairly soon after
|WWII when it was quite unusual for people to write competent heroines.

Oh, I did like that one.  I need to seek out more, more, more.

Oh, cool!  I just told my dictation software to say "thorn" -- and it
typed the character.  You know, the old English letter.  Wow.  I'll
remove from this message so as not to screw up anybody's e-mail
software, but wow.

Anyway, _Thornyhold_ shares a trade with children's literature in that
reading it makes me hungry.  Every time I read it I need to go make
something involving fresh herbs and eggs -- which works as long as I
read it in the summertime. ;)

|I admired Stewart for making Mordred believable and as near as makes no
|odds sympathetic, too.  For once he is given a motivation that makes
|*sense* rather than just being bound to be a villain because he is an
|incestuous bastard.

My absolute favorite part of the series is the beginning -- young Merlin
and his father.  It just tugs my heartstrings.  But I agree that her
Mordred makes so much sense (which makes the ending of the series that
much more tragic; I can't even watch "Camelot" because of the senseless

I need to bond with you.  It's part of my therapy.

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