Tolkien (was Re: Who invented the modern fantasy genre?)

Ven vendersleighc at
Thu Aug 26 19:57:34 EDT 2004

I was amused that a couple of you had replied to
my accidental "tolk" post -- it felt like you
were replying to a post I hadn't actually written

Jadwiga wrote

Personally, I like the Hobbit and find LOTR 
tedious, though The Hobbit 
holds up better when read out loud-- if I 
listened to LOTR rather than 
read it, I might like it better. But the whole 
tenor of the series is 
dark -- shades of dark gray and dark tan.>

It's a good thing Peter Jackson didn't see it
like this or the films might not have been such a
visual treat! I don't see it like that at all
either, My colours would be green gold and white
for the most part, with significant flashes of
red, vermillion red, interspersed with slate
grey, black and steel blue.   

Aimee quoted me 

> gren gold and white for the most part, bit of 
red > slate grey, black and steel blue>


<And *green*! Especially in the first two books.>

Yes, my "gren" was "green" of course and there
are all kinds of greens but the golden springtime
greens prevail. I definitely see Aimee's inky
blue as well and a whole slue of oily greeny
blues in the marshes and the paths of the dead.
The reds are mostly flame, Gandalf's fireworks,
the Balrog, Denethor's fire, poor Quickbeam.
White for snow, for wizards and Minas Tirith.

Lothlorien is the prettiest, too: quiet and
peaceful, light and 
airy, with high rafters of silver-white and
fluttering yellow-gold, with bright green grass
dotted with white underfoot. *sigh*.

Tolkien's trees are superb, whether in woodland,
forest or garden. One of my favourite landscapes
is Ithilien, the hopeful regrowth among the
ruins, like the wildflowers that grow on 
bombsites and cover industrial blight. I have a
personal Ithilien in Sheffield. Between the old
red light district and what was  thriving
industry when I first came across  it, was a riot
of wild flowers and garden escapes among the
ruins of several houses and a number of mature
trees. It's been tamed into a nature reserve now
but retains the charm. 


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