Merlin Conspiracy

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Thu Aug 26 17:47:46 EDT 2004

Charlie wrote:

>Esther posed a suite of interesting questions, including:

>>Who has info on Gwyn from other sources?  Who is his wife?  Is he Hades?

>Gwyn ap Nud is indeed a kind of Welsh Hades, connected in some way to Arawn
>of Annuvin (the Mabinogion version, not Lloyd Alexander's!)

He turns up in some of the retellings of the Arthur stories, and kidnaps
Guinevere and takes her to his house under a hill or sometimes a lake,
or just in the middle of a lake.  Then she gets rescued by Lancelot as

This made me notice: Hel is a person, Hell is a place, and Hades is both
person and place.  I don't think it's especially significant, but it
caught my eye in passing, because my first reaction was "He isn't Hades,
Hades is a place!" 

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