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Esther wrote:

>Compare Nick in Deep Secret to Nick in TMC.

Same bloke, a few months older (not many) but he's been compelled at the
end of DS to notice that he has a slight flaw in his character (like
he's utterly selfish) and is now trying to correct this.  A bit.

Also, he's fourteen.  It's an age at which people often change quite a
bit from month to month.

>How well-developed were the characters?  How well do you feel you know 
>Romanov? Grundo? Toby?  

Hmmmmm.  When I did the quiz, I ended up *being* Romanov, which implies
I ought to know him, but in fact I just think he's very like my
(now-deceased, nobody panic!) elder brother, if said brother had been a
powerful magic-user.  (He wasn't, he could only exert his will over
small objects such as dice, and by the time I was four I knew better
than to play any game of "chance" with him!)  This makes it impossible
to work out whether I know Romanov, or whether I am just expecting him
to react the way my brother would have to things.

Grundo is a type of person I've met occasionally, and so, again, I'm not
sure if I know *him* or know people of that sort.

Toby I don't really feel I know at all.  I don't know why this should
be.  I just have trouble remembering that he's there, a lot of the time.

>Are there different types of goats?  I lived near a goat farm once, and just 
>can't connect those sleek goats I remember with the creature in TMC.

All goats are awkward cusses, even the sleek white innocent-looking
ones.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, though.

>Who set the dragon in its place and gave it its mission?

Who made the land?  Probably the same person did both.

>Why did the Little People take Alicia?

They *wanted* Grundo and Toby for some reason that never gets explained
as far as I can see, and took Alicia as next-best?

>Was it hard to believe that Heppy was actually at all powerful? She 
>know the source of her dish set's powers, or about Judith's
being under a spell 
>by her darling children, or have the intuition to
know Roddy was worked up 
>about something real...

One can be very powerful and also stupid (I shall refrain from giving
examples!!).  She didn't notice the spell the Izzys had set up because
it was set on her too, and its nature was that neither of the adults
would notice what they were up to.  She, like most people, couldn't see
the people living in the regalia -- in the same way that most people
don't hear animals speaking -- and it never occurred to her to think
about it: she assumed it was that the regalia that were powerful, and
they always had been, and she didn't stop to wonder why.  She also
didn't take children seriously, and if the children she knew were the
Izzys I can't say I blame her for that.

Hidebound and dim but powerful, that's Heppy.  It's quite a common

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