Merlin Conspiracy

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Thu Aug 26 16:59:52 EDT 2004

The Knowledge Pika wrote (about Sallyo's review):

> > Meanwhile, Nick Mallory is reluctantly attending a detective writers' 
>>convention with his dad. Tom Mallory wants to meet his favourite 
>>author, Maxwell Hyde, but just as he's on the point of achieving this 
>>ambition, someone murmurs "Off you go!" to Nick, who promptly finds 
>>himself in another world. 
>Hm... there's an unanswered question there. Is it, in fact, that Nick 
>merely overstepped into another world... or did someone send him there? 
>I'm confused about that part.

It's ok, that gets answered.  When they go to rescue the missing persons
in Chapter 11 and meet Joel, he says to Nick, "I sent you off from
London on Earth just before we brought the Merlin here.  Why aren't you
dead?  Why are you here?" and Nick thinks, "So that's how it was."  He
was being used as a carrier for the plague, to kill Romanov.  (nice boys
Joel and Japheth were!)

>Yes, how did Mini turn out to be a world-traveller, anyway?

When the tornado or whatever it was hit her circus, she found a path
that looked safe and ran down it.  Natural talent, evidently, combined
with blind unreasoning panic.
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