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>> Well, I did almost get into a fistfight with the one other member whose
>> tastes are almost directly opposite mine and who did not enjoy it at
>> all...the funny thing is that we seem to like all the same books, but we
>> haven't agreed on ANY of the books the group has read over the last year and
>> a half.  She's wrong, of course.
>I can't read McKillip at all, so the other member has my sympathy! The only 
>thing of hers (McKillip's I mean) I've ever managed to read more than a few 
>pages of is _The House on Parchment Street_, which was hardly typical.

Well, I'm joking about the being wrong of course, but the reason for the
argument was that she's AGGRESSIVELY sarcastic about everything she
dislikes...come to think of it, she tends to be the one who indirectly mocks
the people who don't agree with her (by implying that only an idiot wouldn't
be bothered by the things that bother her).  I don't think she sees it this
way or she wouldn't do it, because she's a nice person.  She's very funny
about it, and I think she just enjoys being funny (and I do the same
sometimes) but in the context of the reading group I think it could be a
problem.  It doesn't really promote discussion.  We've had some really good
sessions where people who have different opinions have been able to explain
them to others, and I like that better.

Besides, I'm on record as not being thrilled about most of McKillip's later
work, so I'd be hypocritical to insist that everyone be in awe of her stuff.

Melissa Proffitt

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