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Thu Aug 26 08:25:20 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I've finally read TMC.  I have all kinds of vague, half-felt convictions 
about this book.  I'd love it if you articulate, intelligent, analytical folk 
could discuss your ideas about it.  

Then I can point here and there in your discussions and say to myself, Yes!  
That's what I think!

Some possible discussion points:

Compare Nick in Deep Secret to Nick in TMC.

How well-developed were the characters?  How well do you feel you know 
Romanov? Grundo? Toby?  

Are there different types of goats?  I lived near a goat farm once, and just 
can't connect those sleek goats I remember with the creature in TMC.

Who set the dragon in its place and gave it its mission?

Who has info on Gwyn from other sources?  Who is his wife?  Is he Hades?

How well do you think all the different types of creatures meshed in the 
book?  The floating air beings, London and Salisbury, totem animals...

Why did the Little People take Alicia?

Was it hard to believe that Heppy was actually at all powerful?  She didn't 
know the source of her dish set's powers, or about Judith's being under a spell 
by her darling children, or have the intuition to know Roddy was worked up 
about something real...

Any other discussions gladly welcomed...

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